Distance from the city of Corfu

6 Km.Driving time is about 8 min.

Nearby regions

The city of Corfu is located 6 km northerly and the driving time is about 8 min. 6 km southerly is located the village “Perama” and the driving time is about 8 min .

Public transportation

You can find analytically the itineraries of Blue Buses on www.astikoktelkerkyras.gr from and to the City Of Corfu. The time with the bus is about 15 min.

Morphology of Sea and Beach

Fine sand outside and inside the sea. The sea deepens smoothly.

The region provides the following:

restaurantapartment a-t-m health-center bar port pharmacy washing-machine view super-market sunbed

Region’s origin of name

The region “Kanoni” (which means “Cannon” in English) took its name by a cannon-battery, which was placed in the southern point of the peninsula by the French in 1798. This reinforced the protection of the island. This cannon exists until nowadays.


History of Region

The region “Kanoni” was the ancient city of Corfu, which was founded in the 8th century BC. In this region there are the ancient temple of Artemis, the monuments and Acropolis, where there is now the region of “Analipsis”. In the hinterland there are the ruins of the temple of Athena. There is also a lagoon opposite to this region, which was leased by Constantis Halikiopoulos, from whom was given the name to the lake. Formerly there was a fish farm in that area. This gave much food during the difficult years and survived many families in the city of Corfu and the surrounding area. There were also rare species of fish and shellfish, reptiles and amphibian animals. It is worth seeing the panoramic view over the Mouse Island, the monastery of “Pantocrator” and the monastery of “Vlacherna”. During the reign of Otto it was built a monastery with a church dedicated to Jesus Christ. Every year on August 6th there is a celebration on Mouse Island and only on this day it is allowed to visit the church for pilgrimage. Otherwise on other days it is allowed only a briefly visit in certain parts and immediate departure from the rock under the supervision of guards. “Kanoni” is a paradise for air observers, as they are higher than the plane approaching the runway. Thus, they are able to easily distinguish the landings and takeoffs.


During the winter time the residents are about 1000 people. In contrast to winter time the residents are about 3000 people during the summer time including visitors.

Employment of population before and after the touristic development

The residents are professionally occupied with olive groves, farming, agriculture and fishing. Today most people are professionally occupied with tourism


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