Paramonas and Prasoudi

Distance from the city of Corfu

22 Km. The driving time is about 40 min.

Nearby regions

The village “Saint Gordios” is located 8 km northerly and the driving time is about 15 min. 4 km southerly is located the village “Prasoudi” and the driving time is about 10 min .

Morphology of Sea and Beach

Fine sand outside and inside the sea. The sea deepens smoothly.

The region provides the following:

apartment bar restaurant sunbed sea-buggy boat-rent

Region’s origin of name

The name of the village “Paramonas” comes from the greek verb “parameno”, which means “remain”. Before the touristic development most habitants were professionally occupied with agriculture during the summer period. Their village was 4 km away and the transport was difficult. So they preferred to remain in the fields instead of going back to the village. Otherwise the weather was suitable for them living in a camping style.

History of Region

It is the haven of the village of «Saint Mathaios”. Most properties here belong to the inhabitants of this mountainous village. The region’s touristic development began in early 1980’s. Nowadays this village is suitable for quiet and relaxing holiday away from the crowds.


During the winter time the residents are about 15 people. In contrast to winter time the residents are about 250 people during the summer time including visitors.

Employment of population before and after the touristic development

The residents of the region formerly occupied professionally with olive groves, farming, agriculture and fisheries. Each family was autonomous and everything that was needed was home made. Today most people deal professionally with tourism during the summer months. During the winter time they deal amateur with agriculture and especially with the olive gathering and fishing.

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