Distance from city of Corfu

6 Km.Driving time is about 7 min.

Nearby regions

The region “Kanoni” is located 1 km northerly and the driving time is about 3 min. 3 km southerly is located the “Kaiser’s Bridge” and the driving time is about 5 min .

Public transportation

You can find analytically the itineraries of Blue Buses on from and to the City Of Corfu. The time with the bus is about 15 min.

Morphology of Sea and Beach

Fine sand and pebbles outside and inside the sea. The sea deepens smoothly.

The region provides the following:

 super-market restaurant gas-station bar a-t-m apartment

Region’s origin of name

The region’s name comes from the Greek word “perasma” which means “passageway” because there is a passageway in this region that anyone could pass from one side to another

History of Region Perama is the haven of the village “Gastouri”. Most properties here belong to the inhabitants of this mountainous village. The village is located just across to Mouse Island and is connected to the region “Kanoni” with a footbridge. Under the bridge there is a conductor since 1850 carrying water from the hills above the village “Benitses” and Corfu Town. The village provides quick access to the town of Corfu without having to go around the perimeter of the airport. There is also the possibility of walking the entire way to the town (about 30 minutes) or take a bus from “Kanoni”


During the winter time the residents are about 40 people. In contrast to winter time the residents are about 2000 people during the summer time including visitors.

Employment of population before and after the touristic development

The residents of the region formerly occupied professionally with olive groves, farming, agriculture and fisheries. Each family was autonomous and everything that was needed was home made. Today most people deal professionally with tourism during the summer months. During the winter time they deal amateur with agriculture and especially with the olive gathering and fishing.

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