Corfu Weddings.

Interested in getting married in Corfu?

No need for worries, we are here to organize your dreaming wedding.

The first thing you have to make is the wedding paperwork.

(I need Only one week)

  • Αuthorization.In order to be allowed to do all the paperwork on your behalf in Greece and fix the date of your wedding in Greece, I need an authorization
  •  Certificate of No-Impediment for Marriage. Certified with the APOSTILLE for both of you. They must be Translated into Greek. I will give them to a local Certified Translator.
  •  Birth Certificates.Certified with the APOSTILLE for both of you. They must be Translated into Greek.I will give them to a local Certified Translator.
  •  Copies of your passports. For both of you.
  •  If any one of you is divorced.You have to send a copy of the divorce decree certified with the APOSTILLE.They must be Translated into Greek.I will give them to a local Certified Translator.
    Spouse’s original death certificate as well as their previous marriage certificate.
  •  At the Town Hall you must have an official interpreter, who will translate for you and he will sign the official documents.
  •  Our experts will take care about the paperwork, translations, certification, and wedding licenses. Upon completing the ceremony you will be handed in a wedding certificate in Greek. It needs to be legalized by translating it into your native language and taking it to your register office.
  •  Do you prefer the wedding to take place at the Town Hall or on the Beach?
  •  Champagne & Decorated champagne glasses for newlyweds.
  •  Wedding flower bouquet.& Bouquet & groom’s boutonniere.
  •  Confetti.
  •  Ceremony table.(If you do on the beach).
  •  The price varies from 400€ to 1200€ according to your choice.
  •  Above prices include all documents you must have to get married in Greece,
  •  All official translations, the Interpreter and the Municipal fees at the Town Hall. Permission obtaining for the ceremony place .Transportation to the wedding location and back.
  •  You can only be married in a Greek Church if you are already baptized Orthodox.

If you wish we can organize the following!!!

  • Accommodation (Prefer something special)
  • Transportation to the wedding location and back.(Bus, Boat,Carriage horse.)
  • Wedding meal (On the beach,Hotel,Restaurant.)
  • Wedding Cake (How many persons?)
  • Decoration of desired location with flowers candles and rose petals
  • Wedding Favors on the table
  • Professional photographer photos CD
  • Video Or Video Drone
  • Live Music
  • Greek dancing
  • Music.D.J
  • Bachelor party
  • Balloons with helium
  • Fireworks
  • Combing bride
  • Manicure
  • Makeup

If you tell us how many people are you, and where are you prefer,(part of the island) you will give you the best solution in the best price.

Book a Free Consultation and meet with person of our team to plan your wedding in Corfu!

When will come the time to married(or Private Events)one of the big worries is what food would you have and how much money will cost.For this reason we propose you the same menu in different businesses.

Starters every 4 persons.

Pita Bread,Garlic Bread,Bread Sticks.

Tzatziki.(Garlic,yoghurt and cucumber).Taramosalada.(Red caviar salad).Tirokafteri.(Cheese hot spicy salad).Feta cheese,Edam cheese,Salami,Noumpoulo(Traditional of Corfu is pork).

3 Different salads.Every 4 persons.

Politiki salad.(Cabbage,Carrot,Red pepper).Greece mix salad.(Tomato,cucumber,onion,green pepper,olives). Lettuce spinach Cheddar cheese With honey

Main courses

Sofrito is traditional Corfu food,serves with fried potatoes, carrots or rice.Or Pastitsada.(Beef in red sauce, Served with spaghetti)Or Chicken in the oven with potatoes.For vegetarian,Stuffed,Tomatoes and papers.(with rice)


Season fresh fruit salad


Soft drinks,Beers,Carafe of wine and water.

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